neuresource group is a sister company of Managerial Resource Training (MRT), RTO 51680.   All accredited programs are delivered under the auspice of RTO, Managerial Resource Training (51680).  All certificates and qualifications will be issued by Managerial Resource Training (51680).


Why neuresource group?

In today’s work environment, many organisations are still using outdated methods and processes. There is a disconnect between what science knows and business does. Top performing organisations have addressed this disconnect and understand that building human capital value is the key to organisational performance and productivity.

neuresource group translates the latest insights from neuroscience into practical applications for the 21st Century workplace. In an era of unprecedented complexity and disruptive change, organisations must respond quickly and creatively to shifting market, social, and political conditions—to survive and to thrive. We help you to build an intelligent enterprise through developing human capital value …. we call it building brain friendly organisations.

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